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Happy Labor Day! A Christian Vision of Work

Published on THE STREAM On this Labor Day weekend, we’re invited to honor human work and all human workers. It’s a secular holiday, but that doesn’t prevent us from using it to reflect on the Christian meaning of work. As Christians, we know that our work has dignity because we’re created in the image and […]

Canada’s Gender X Passports and the Denial of Sexual Difference

Published on THE STREAM On June 19, 2017, Canada amended its Human Rights Act to protect “gender identity or expression.” On August 31, 2017, the nation took the gender identity revolution to a new level. They announced a new designation for those who consider themselves an “unspecified sex.” Those not sure of their “gender identity” can […]

Sen. Tim Scott: Fight hatred, fear and domestic terror with American ideals

Published on USA TODAY  by Tim Scott There is nothing “right” about racism and hate. It’s a learned disease, and the best antidote is unity. This weekend’s events involving white supremacist groups are as disturbing and disgusting as they are heartbreaking. The attack was a stark reminder of the darkness of hate. We must come […]

A Question for Pope Francis: Which is It? High Five Ecumenism or Ecumenism of Hate?

Published on THE STREAM I was not going to write on the insulting and uninformed article by a Jesuit Priest named Antonio Spadaro and Presbyterian Pastor Marcelo Figueroa. They referred to the alliance between American Catholics and Evangelicals as an “ecumenism of hate.” “After all,” I thought, “it’s been well refuted and critiqued by some of the best […]

A new coalition for Christian orthodoxy

Published on Catholic News Agency There is a fierce struggle for Christian orthodoxy in the Catholic Church. It could have dire consequences for all Christians. It should prompt a serious and prolonged response of prayer from all Christians. But it needs more. It needs an active response. I propose what is needed is a new […]

Stop the Killing of Charlie Gard!

Published on THE STREAM Charlie Gard is an English boy deeply loved by his mother and father. He also seems to be awakening a sleeping giant: the conscience of the Western world, waiting and watching to see if he dies, and, asking why. Charlie was born last August with a rare and disabling disease that […]

DEFUND NOW! The Real Victims of Planned Parenthood are our First Neighbors in the Womb

The Right to Life is revealed by the Natural Law, confirmed by medical science and affirmed in the Birth Certificate of the Nation, the Declaration of Independence. However, it is denied in the current civil law of this Nation. In fact, our tax dollars fund an evil organization which supports what they call a right […]

Is This the Greatest Historical Confrontation Humanity has Experienced?

Published on Catholic Online. Permission to republish granted In 1976 Cardinal Karol Wojtyla attended the Eucharistic Congress held that year in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America. It was a part of the national bicentennial celebration of the Declaration of Independence which was celebrated throughout the Nation. That document, the Declaration, was the Birth […]

The Martyrdom of the Apostles Peter and Paul Invites Us Into a New Missionary Age

By Deacon Keith Fournier Published on Catholic Online. Permission to republish is granted What is increasingly clear, especially in the wake of the horrid opinion of the US Supreme Court in the Obergefell case, is that the Christian roots of the West did not go very deep. We are living in a new paganism – […]

Living Liturgically as Catholic Christians

Published on Catholic News Agency Our Catholic liturgical year follows a rhythmic cycle which points us toward beginnings and ends. In doing so, it emphasizes an important truth that can only be grasped through faith. The last Sunday in the Western Church year is the Feast of the Solemnity of Jesus Christ the Sovereign King. […]