Pentecost 2017: Encountering the Holy Spirit in a Pre-Christian Age

Published on THE STREAM By DEACON KEITH FOURNIER Published on June 4, 2017 In “Pentecost2017,” Stream editors have shared personal stories of the ways their fellow believers have changed their lives. Here senior contributor Deacon Keith Fournier reflects on the baptism in the Holy Spirit that makes Christians the sort of people who can change other […]

The Way – The First Christians

The early followers of Jesus were first called Christians at Antioch – that means followers of Christ, followers of the Messiah. So what were they call before that? They were called The Way, and the new way because they lived differently. They lived differently because of their encounter with the Lord Jesus. They thought differently. […]

Sign the Declaration of Dependence and Pledge of Solidarity for the Common Good

OUR DECLARATION OF DEPENDENCE Sign the Declaration HERE We stand together in solidarity as Christians. We acknowledge that differences exist between us on important matters of religious doctrine and practice. However, what binds us together is greater, our common faith in Jesus Christ and our Baptism into Him. It was our common Savior who said […]