Chesapeake Declaration – National Day of Repentance, Prayer and Service For America

Posted by Deacon Keith Fournier | June 12, 2017


We are living in a time when the very foundations of our nation are being shaken. Add to this the assault on the religious beliefs and moral convictions upon which this nation was founded and we have a crisis unprecedented in American history. This nation’s survival depends on the moral roots on which it was founded. America was birthed on Judeo-Christian assumptions of self-evident truths and inalienable rights. These are being undermined by those in our society who are trying to rebuild this country based on ideas and philosophies which seem to change from week to week. If they succeed, they will no longer be responsible or accountable to any standard of conduct greater than their own conscience. History proves this is a recipe for cultural disaster.

Our society has grown apart as more and more of the traditions and values that made our nation great are abandoned. By discarding our Christian values, which the founders of our nation used as the greatest influence in writing our Constitution and Bill of Rights, we will no longer be able to guarantee our religious and Constitutional rights to future generations.

To those who think those values no longer have purpose in this modern age let us list just a few things those Christian values have given our country and the world. As far back as the Roman Empire the high level of health care brought by Christianity is historically documented by the writings of Emperor Julian. He tried to reinstitute paganism in the Empire after Christianity had become the dominant religion. He wrote, “If the old religion wanted to succeed, it would need to care for people even better than the way Christians cared.” In more recent times Christian churches and organizations have been the largest provider of healthcare and education around the world; working in some of the poorest countries where few if any were helping. Christians created the first schools in America and today most Christian schools provide a level of education that surpasses state run schools and at far less cost to operate. The 1948 United Nations Human Rights declaration was based on Christian principles; so much so the communists acknowledged human rights as a product of Christianity. After Hurricane Katrina decimated much of New Orleans it was the Christian community that got there first with help that surpassed what the Federal Government was able to supply. These are just a few reasons why Christians declare support for the return of these values.

We are living in a time when silence from the pulpits of America only contributes to the downward spiral of our nation’s spiritual, moral, social, and political health.

Today there is a battle raging for the very soul of America. Current circumstances require us, the Community of Faith, to act now. We acknowledge that it is healthy for a society to question and debate issues of the day. However, when debate turns into bullying and censoring the right to free speech and religious freedom, then we must respond. When the very government that has sworn to protect constitutionally guaranteed rights begins persecuting private companies and individuals for living out their faith, it becomes unacceptable. When the role of government switches from protecting our lives and religious liberties, to persecuting and silencing the very voice it has sworn to protect, then it is our God given right and Constitutional duty to engage and protect these rights.

As we all labor over how to proceed, we Christians are bound by our love of neighbor and the Word of God. Because we choose to live by the Judeo/Christian principles that made our nation great, we face with civility and respect those who so vehemently disagree with us. Those values are the foundation that united us in the past and they can unite us again today. Keeping these values in mind, we make the following declarations:

1) The traditional family is the cornerstone of our society. As such we recognize the nuclear family as father, mother and children. The family is where we learn our way as children; to become loving and caring adults. The attacks on the traditional family have contributed to the breakdown of the family which has led to so much pain and suffering.

2) We state that all life has dignity and must be protected. When society allows for the tearing of a child from its mother’s womb then all other evil becomes possible. Euthanasia eventually becomes an easy next step. All life, from the womb to the elderly must be respected and protected. We also believe that showing dignity and protection of life applies to the fair and proper administration of laws bringing equal justice to all people.

3) K-12 education must be free from indoctrinating children with that which comes from a radical left interpretation of morality and politics. We declare no one has a right to force a moral and political agenda upon our children that demeans the family and our Constitutional form of government.

4) Religious liberty is a right given by God and fortified by our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We realize that absence of true religious liberty from our society removes a huge part of the foundation of our nation and that which has brought it to be the beacon of light and liberty in the world. The Founding Fathers knew that tyranny comes in many forms and that faith was the best defense against it.

We recognize an individual’s right to believe or not believe as they wish. However, we can’t allow political correctness and the indiscriminate rewriting of our history and national heritage to irrevocably destroy our country for the benefit of a very few. We must understand that the goal of the godless secular left is not Truth but political power and control. This cannot go unchallenged any longer. Our actions today will decide what type of nation we leave to our children and our children’s children.

So with total reliance in God and humility and love for all, we stand united with firm resolve in this CHESAPEAKE DECLARATION; that our Constitution be followed, religious liberty protected, and our culture restored. We must offer a prayer of repentance, pray for our nation, and participate in acts of kindness in our own areas. Let our voices be heard across this nation proclaiming that our faith leads us and we will never betray our God. To sign up for this national effort in your area please use this link Identify your church and provide your contact information and we will be in touch to help you coordinate this action of faith in your city. God bless you all.

Bishop Patrick Wooden Upper Room Church Raleigh, NC

Pastor Tim Throckmorton Crossroads Church Circleville, OH

Brenda Roames
Faith & Freedom Coalition New Jersey

Dean Nelson
Douglass Leadership Ins. Greenbelt, Maryland

Charlie Beatty
Faith & Freedom Coalition West Chester, PA

Pastor Dr. Darryl Jones,
Immanuel Assembly, Bear, DE Newark, Delaware

Pastor David Carey
Word of Life Christian Center Newark, DE

Dr. Pastor Clenard Childress, jr Black Genocide
Montclair, NJ

Larry Denver
Faith & Freedom Coalition Pennsylvania

John Radell
Faith & Freedom Coalition Wilmington, Delaware

Pat Radell
40 Days for Life Wilmington, Delaware

Bishop E.W. Jackson Stand America Chesapeake, VA

Pastor Regina Childress New Calvary Baptist Church Montclair, NJ

Rev Dan Schaefer Jerusalem Evan. Lutheran Schwenksville, PA

Rev. Craig Seibert Christian Civics Training

North Carolins

Rev. Steven Craft
Christian Citizenship Minis. Monroe Township, NJ

Father Mina Mina St. Mary Copitc Orthodox Church

Rev Zagery Oliver UPF/USA Washington, DC

Jason O’Neill Catholics of the Cross Bear, DE

John Tomicki
League of America Fam. Philadelphia, PA

Rev. Woodson Moore Fairton Christian Center Fairton, NH

Rev. Shirley Moore Fairton Christian Center Fairton, NJ

Pastor Ted Graboski
Victory Christian Fellowship New Castle, DE

Deacon Keith Fournier Common Good Foundation Chesapeake, VA

Lenny McAllister Pittsburgh, PA

Rev. Sharon Thomas Mayor Pottstown Pottstown, PA


Chesapeake Declaration National Day of Repentance, Prayer and Service For America

“Silence in the face of evil, is evil itself: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Be the voice, be the one who acts. On October 14, 2017 at 12:00 noon EST (9:00 am PST) be part of a national gathering for one hour in your hometown to defend religious liberty by leading a group on a walk from your church to meet with other churches in your hometowns public square. Pray for our nation, our Congress and our President; that God’s light will shine upon them, and that our nation will return to one nation under God.

Then also on this day we encourage everyone to participate in acts of kindness. Help a local community group that needs help for their cause. Or you can help others by doing small acts of kindness that by their love lets them know of Gods love for them. Let the world see the true spirit of the American Christian in service to others.

This is not a one day effort. From October 14, 2017 on, form a Chrisitan Citizenship Group in your church, become involved in the public discourse of ideas. Be involved, not only as a Christian in your church, but as a Christian in your community, at work, and in government who helps restore our culture through faith. Go to to sign up your church to be part of this national effort and to receive the Christian Citizenship Manual. Let us know if you want your church or pastor as a signer of the Chesapeake Declaration.

You can do this without leaving your own city. Let the world see thousands of churches gathering in a thousand cities and towns across America in unity for our Judeo/Christian values. We will walk together then stand at the foot of the cross, beneath the flag of our country, and for unity to rebuild our nation.

Then become part of the long term effort to restore civility, prayer, and dignity to divine justice in America. Just as generations before us, who sacrificed to build this great nation, it is our turn to stand and defend religious liberty. Let us pray to restore that which they built. On October 14, 2017 we will stand together and with God who loved us into being as the United States of America.

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